Hiring top talent is still a critical imperative for employers, even in this current climate, in-demand talent is still at an all-time low. Yet some are not taking advantage of the tools available to widen their search. Particularly for scarce talent. So, the secret? Employers can adapt their diversity recruitment strategy to bolster success at finding elusive talent.

Research has also shown that diverse businesses deliver better outcomes. The overall focus needs to be on building a more inclusive approach to sourcing talent. And for diversity and inclusion to be part of your organizational DNA, it needs to be part of your C-suite.

Whilst many organisations are trying to ensure that they simply hire diverse talent, most are not taking full advantage of how widening your search criteria can in fact boost your talent. In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • The business case for a diverse workforce
  • The business landscape and effect of workforce risk
  • How to adapt your recruitment process to ensure a diverse workforce
  • How the technology sector has benefited from embracing a diverse workforce
  • Four key actions to support your diversity recruitment

Download the whitepaper to understand the best practice to fully develop your talent acquisition strategy and plans as it relates to diversity.