We recently brought together several talent acquisition leaders in the APAC region for a frank, illuminating discussion on some of the biggest obstacles organizations face in providing a quality candidate experience.

“Unblocking the Journey to Superior Candidate Experience,” held in Hong Kong in late September, featured research from Talent Board that showcased the gap between what organizations know about candidate experience and what they practice. For instance, a whopping 91% believe candidate experience impacts Quality of Hire, but 42% still do not evaluate it.

The executive roundtable explored some of the reasons for this disconnect, as well as paths to put measurements in place that will reveal where the pain points lie and how to resolve them. A huge part of that involves mapping out a candidate journey, a step that 72.3% of respondents said has improved Quality of Hire.

Hearing stories from the likes of Jebsen, Moody’s, EY, Bupa and others, we sought to move from merely talking about candidate experience to actually doing something about it. Leaders shared action-oriented steps about how they are always learning new ways to do better, whether that involves new technology or being able to adapt to the continuously dynamic environments surrounding a candidate and the business world.

Other topics explored include how some organizations favor qualitative data or quantitative, improving communication and responsiveness, and streamlining the initial application procedures.

As the number of active candidates continues to increase, it is more important than ever to make sure your organization has a strong Employee Value Proposition awaiting them. Being able to deliver a clear, consistent experience will help your organization identify the right talent, and also differentiate you from the competition.

It was an incredibly enlightening session, and out of it came “9 Tips for Unblocking the Journey to a Superior Candidate Experience.” I encourage you to read through it and learn what works best for you and your organization. And don't miss our upcoming webinar on the same topic Tuesday, November 21. 

Will Innes


Post contributed by Will Innes, Brand Strategy and Innovation Director. Connect with him on LinkedIn.