Recruiters are the stage managers who ensure the show runs smoothly.As theatre lovers know, there’s nothing as amazing as a musical (1). Art forms like musical and non-musical theatre, movies and literature encourage the gamut of human emotions so that the audience learns something about other people as well as themselves. These are a few of my favorite things (2) recruiters can learn from musical theatre to succeed in business (3).

1. Practice

Captivating writing aside, practice and rehearsals are what make the show come alive. Likewise, learning and training are a large part of being a successful recruiter because the market is constantly evolving. You’ve got to be carefully taught (4) the core recruiting essentials as well as become knowledgeable about all the new show-stopping techniques and technologies.

2. People

However, no one can do it alone (5), so remember to rely on your team because people who need people are the luckiest people in the world (6). Make sure you communicate with them, trade ideas and talk about things you like to do (7). If recruiting is the business of people, then recruiters are the stage managers, calling the shots backstage and ensuring the show runs smoothly.

3. Persistence

Sunrise, sunset (8), actors bring characters to life at least once per day in emotional and charismatic performances. As recruiters, you are constantly searching, calling and communicating with people from all walks of and places in life, reaching out and connecting with them to sell a certain job or hire a certain candidate.

Like audience members, candidates require convincing to buy in to your company or position. You may have to razzle dazzle them (9) so they see your company and job are right for them. This can be draining, but remember fortune favors the brave (10), so carry on, intrepid recruiter!

Additionally, nurturing relationships with hiring managers can feel like trying to defy gravity (11), but is absolutely essential. Commit to being a good partner so you do not blindly do all they ask of you (12), but rather bring consultative expertise and excellent customer service. If you do this, you could change it all and make it happen (13) for that stakeholder.

4. Passion

Actors on stage must believe in it all (14) and become the person they are portraying so the audience loses themselves in the story. Similarly, it’s an art (15) for recruiters to be knowledgeable and passionate about their company and positions in order to transfer that enthusiasm to a candidate.

Every impression counts, as you never know who lives, who dies, who tells your story (16). While that lyric is a bit dark, every conversation you have leaves a mark and you do not know who will be talking about you down the road. You gotta be sincere (17) and make sure the memories you create are positive.

In short:

Always remember to seize the day (18).
There’s one thing to be sure of, mate, there’s nothing to be sure of (19).
Just be cool (20).
Impossible things are happening every day (21).

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Post contributed by Katie Marks, Marketing Operations Specialist. You can connect with Katie on LinkedIn or Twitter.