We have been hearing for quite a while that artificial intelligence might revolutionize recruiting. But when does all that potential for what AI can do become real? And how will talent acquisition leaders – and candidates – benefit?

Three experts from Cielo – focusing on employer branding, sourcing and technology – make the case that the tipping point will come when the recruiting professionals are finally able to build computational trust with hiring managers. This means getting them to believe in candidate ratings, assessments and other data more than just what we observe with our senses.

We’re not talking about taking the humanity out of recruiting, only that matching a candidate with a position goes well beyond what we can see and hear during phone screens and interviews. Much of the work, in fact, will be getting more data about the job than the person.

Learn the potential for AI in recruiting, including improvements in:

  • Candidate matching
  • Augmented writing (job descriptions, emails)
  • Chatbots
  • And more!

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