Organizations across every industry face enormous challenges when it comes to winning top talent. Those who do so fast and efficiently gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partners help organizations achieve this advantage by transforming the talent acquisition function.

Advantages of RPO

While definitions of RPO vary across the industry, Cielo defines Recruitment Process Outsourcing as: 

“Partnering with an expert to design and execute a customized process that delivers exceptional business results. Working together collaboratively and seamlessly to transform your organization’s approach to talent acquisition.”

To Cielo, the partnership aspect is key. RPO works best when both parties are working toward mutually agreed upon goals with complete transparency.

Organizations invest in RPO solutions for many reasons. They may have critical positions that are not being filled, unsatisfactory talent that is dragging down their performance, or hiring agency costs that are simply unsustainable. Here is what organizations want from their talent acquisition functions according to our Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research: 

  • Demonstrating agility to meet changing demands 
  • Innovating to meet the demands of the business  
  • Deliver quality hires consistently  

RPO providers address these needs by delivering five important benefits:

1. Improve Talent Quality

RPO providers are unbeatable in their ability to find and deliver quality talent for organizations. A key reason for this is the expertise of their recruiters. The best providers hire recruitment professionals and invest heavily in their training. A quality experience for hiring managers is also essential. RPO providers deliver this through transparency, frequent reporting, and unhindered access to recruiters.

2. Decrease Time-to-Fill

Reducing the amount of time it takes to find great talent is another key benefit of an RPO partnership. The longer a position is open, the more your organization loses in opportunity costs or revenue. The reason RPO providers are so effective at reducing time-to-fill is a combination of their industry expertise, technology, and recruiting acumen.

3. Reduce Costs

When calculating the cost of talent acquisition, a common mistake is to only review costs associated with department budgets. This misses the hard and soft costs hidden away in cost centers and line items that must be considered when looking at total cost savings. Your RPO provider will be able to reduce costs in a meaningful way – eliminating waste and improving efficiency across the organization.

4. Increase Scalability

Moving quickly to meet business demands is critical to a successful talent acquisition function. With an RPO partner, you will be able to scale your recruitment team up or down without the difficulty of reducing headcount or hiring and training new people.

5. Boost Innovation

In Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research, we found that innovating to meet the demands of the business is a top priority for stakeholders. Many talent acquisition teams have lost their way in pursuit of this innovation, relying on automated technologies instead of improving their core recruiting skills. As a result, they have fallen behind on their top priority – bringing in quality talent. Your RPO provider will bring innovative technologies and techniques into your organization, so you do not have to sacrifice your effectiveness to advance your capabilities.

What does RPO partnership mean for you? Better talent faster.


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