It is no secret that talent is a key differentiator for businesses. Having the right people in your organization gives you the ability to out-innovate and outperform your competitors. The real secret is in finding, attracting and retaining these individuals. With competition for talent at an all-time high, you need a high-performing talent acquisition team that can consistently acquire the people your organization needs to succeed.

In preparation for our global Talent Acquisition 360 research, Cielo identified 12 dimensions of talent acquisition that high-performing organizations consistently exhibit. Each dimension has a role to play in a high-performing talent acquisition function, and together they drive lasting business results. For the sake of analysis, we divided these dimensions into two segments: Strategic and Core. Here they are, listed in no particular order:

Strategic encompasses elements such as business impact and workforce insights. These are capabilities that affect business performance as well as high-level talent acquisition outcomes.

  • Innovating to meet the demands of the business
  • Providing strategic thinking to shape business decisions
  • Demonstrating agility to meet changing demands
  • Generating insights contrasting workforce needs with the market supply of talent
  • Delivering quality hires consistently
  • Measurably impacting major organizational initiatives

Core includes the operational and process elements that support talent acquisition performance.

  • Communicating your employer value proposition
  • Delivering great experiences for candidates and hiring managers
  • Crafting a comprehensive strategy
  • Simplifying recruiting processes
  • Sharpening recruiting acumen
  • Using recruiting analytics to inform business decisions

Build your talent acquisition function to OUT-INNOVATE and OUTPERFORM your competitors.

Unsurprisingly, organizations that performed well in these dimensions also excelled in their respective markets. Your talent acquisition team should focus on these areas to improve its ability to find and recruit the best talent. But it is unreasonable to think you can achieve excellence on every element all at once. Our belief – backed by research – is that you should focus on core traits first in order to more effectively deliver on the strategic dimensions. You must have a solid foundation of core skills in place so that you do not sway in your attempts to innovate and deliver strategic recommendations.

In Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360, we surveyed stakeholders from nearly 700 organizations around the globe on these 12 dimensions. Stakeholders surveyed included C-suite executives, business unit leaders and HR/talent acquisition leaders. Though business unit leaders were the most critical of their organization’s talent acquisition performance, all groups saw room for improvement in core recruiting capabilities. Whether it is through additional training, partnering with expert providers, hiring experienced new team members or a combination of these things, the talent acquisition function must get back to the basics in order to succeed. Creating a rock-solid foundation of recruitment capabilities should be your top priority.

In the coming months, we will take a closer look at each of the 12 dimensions of a high performing talent acquisition function with specific recommendations on how to improve your team’s performance. As top talent gets scarcer and more opportunities become available to them in the recovering economy, you will need a best-in-class talent acquisition team to compete for their service.

Want to see the full results of our global research on the Talent Acquisition function? Download Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 now.