WSR: HR Technology: Drawing from Old Wisdom While Embracing the New

Technology’s rapid advance has drastically altered HR and recruitment overall. Many changes are undeniably for the better, allowing for more efficiency and capabilities. But there is also the risk of HR technology reducing or even replacing the human interaction that remains so vital.

In the latest issue of Workforce Solutions Review, Angela Hills, Cielo’s Executive Vice President of People & Culture, offers insight into the balance organizations must strike to maintain a high-touch approach to candidate experience while going high-tech.

Excerpt from the article:

According to Angela Hills from Cielo (a global, strategic Recruitment Process Outsourc¬ing (RPO) partner): “The most forward thinking is looking at ways to reduce the need for people to screen and recruit talent. If one can source talent with technology tools, assess with machine learning capabilities, and use robotic process automation to save humans from doing the more mundane data capture and transfer work in the process, imagine what the future could look like for recruiting? Many of these innovations are real and will find their way into mainstream.”

Angela further elaborates, “The more tech¬nology-enabled our processes become, the more critical it is for each touch point, whether with a person or with technology, to be outstanding. Ex-ceptional candidate experiences will be both high tech (for efficiencies yes, but also for the “cool” factor for candidates) and high touch. When done right, high touch can include technology, and high tech can drive the right in-person inter¬actions quickly and efficiently to create the best possible candidate experience while improving efficiency and quality consistency for the organi-zation.”

You can read the full article, “HR Technology, Talent Management and Engagement: Drawing from Old Wisdom While Embracing the New,” here.