Real Business: Energize Your Company with Boomerang Talent

Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director – North America, Angela Hills, was featured this week in an article published in Real Business, a prominent digital magazine sponsored by Xerox. The editorial, Energize Your Company with Boomerang Talent, explores why employers should not “close the door” on employees when they leave for another opportunity, especially as “more and more companies are trying to leverage boomerang talent – former employees who could potentially make a return.”

Excerpts from the article:

“With the labor market tightening, it’s harder and harder to find good talent, so the creativity that’s required to bring in more has been bumped up to a new level,” says Angela Hills, Executive Vice President and Managing Director – North American at Cielo. “We’re seeing some dynamics in the market that are pushing companies to focus on boomerang talent.”

Here is how bringing back former employees can help your company and keep the best of the best on your hiring radar.

Set the Stage for a Return. When an employee leaves a company, mark in a file whether that person is someone you’d want back one day … Don’t question a star employee’s decision during the exit interview. Instead, use the time to thank them for their hard work, wish them luck, and let them know they’re always welcome back. “Make sure you overtly let them know that the door is always open,” says Hills.

Keep in Touch. It’s important to keep tabs on potential boomerangs … “Stay connected so that [the recruits] always feel that they’re not too far away,” says Hills.

Know the Benefits. There are many ways that returning employees can help your team … “When a high performer leaves, other employees may think, what do they know that I don’t know? But when a high performer comes back, usually they tell employees how things are on the other side,” says Hills. “The energy and passion around that can create a lot of positive energy for the rest of the team.”

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