NelsonHall: Talent Communities – A Competitive Advantage

Cielo was featured recently in an editorial authored by Gary Bragar of analyst firm, NelsonHall. The article, Talent Communities – A Competitive Advantage, discusses the importance of creating “talent communities” to develop a deep pipeline of candidates prior to requisitions opening within the organization.

As Bragar explains, with hiring the best talent being a top priority for most HR functions, “the optimal way to do this is to have candidates available in advance of the job requisition who are part of a talent pool that is already engaged and familiar with the hiring organization’s culture and values, and to make it easy to let the appropriate members of the talent pool and/or community know when relevant opportunities become available.”

Excerpts from the article:

Many RPO providers are assisting their clients by using talent communities to help them have a talent pipeline for any future hiring needs. NelsonHall research indicates that around 10% of new RPO offerings include talent communities.

The use by RPO providers of talent communities has been around for over three years. Early movers included:

Cielo’s talent community includes email campaigning with active and passive candidates. This messaging includes familiarizing candidates with potential hiring company announcements; e.g. “Did you happen to know we were named one of the best places to work four years in a row?” Email campaigning has resulted in a two-to-three times increase in passive candidate responses.

Expect to see over the next few years more widespread awareness by large and even mid-sized organizations of the importance of having talent communities. And this, of course, is another factor that will help drive the continued growth of RPO.

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