Human Talent Network – For MBAS: The Dos of the Recruiter Interview

Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director – North America, Angela Hills, authored an article this week for Human Talent Network (HTN): For MBAs: The Dos of the Recruiter Interview. The article, which received HTN’s “Applying Award,” divulges how job seekers with an MBA can and should make the most of their conversations with recruiters.

As Angela asserts, “While having an MBA may still put you at the top of a recruiter’s resume pile, it won’t automatically get you past the first round of the recruitment stage … To ensure employers recognize that you are the key talent they need, there are crucial dos and don’ts to follow.”

Excerpts from the article:

On what is it about your MBA that matters most to employers.
Do share why you decided to pursue an MBA. Was it to develop a specific set of skills? Recruiters and employers want to know where your passions lie and how that drive will impact your work with the company. Be sure to highlight new strengths discovered or developed in your MBA and how you plan on leveraging those skills in the job you’re interviewing for.

On what types of experiences and success stories will help you stand out from the crowd:
Don’t forget to explain why your success stories are relevant. Discussing specific measurable outcomes is important, but without context, recruiters may not fully understand the impact you had on the organization. For example, telling a recruiter you saved the company $40,000 as a result of an initiative you led may not sound substantial on its own. Instead, be sure to relay how those numbers fit into the scale of the business.

On the types of questions should you ask during an interview:

Do ask questions that demonstrate the acumen acquired through your MBA program. Asking the right questions not only demonstrates your ability to think critically, but also shows the recruiter that you have a deeper understanding of the company’s challenges and overall business objectives. Examples include:

  • What would you say is the one thing that keeps the CEO awake at night?
  • Has a strategy been developed to address [insert relative situation/problem]?
  • What is the biggest pain point that I can alleviate if I’m hired?
  • In filling this role, what competencies is the hiring manager hoping to bring into his or her management team (financial, strategic, managerial, etc.)?

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