HR Review: Seb O’Connell: Hotting up: How to design talent strategy for a buoyant jobs market

In the United Kingdom, employment is at its highest level since 1971. This means that the market is becoming increasingly competitive, says Cielo’s EVP and Managing Director of Europe Seb O’Connell, and recruitment professionals must step up their game in order to keep up. Published on HR Review, Seb’s insights are recorded in the article, Hotting up: How to design talent strategy for a buoyant jobs market. He highlights that talent strategy must be part of the overall business strategy, including how to attract, engage and retain the best people for your organization.

Excepts from the article:

To support continued growth, businesses need to make sure they are getting the right people into the right roles – and keeping them there. Recruiters are facing a challenge to identify and engage the best candidates, but if this is not aligned with overall growth goals, then these positive figures for the overall economy and individual companies will not last.

Aligning strategies
HR needs to ensure their voices are being heard, and make it their personal mission to elevate recruiting for growth to the top of the board’s agenda.

Maximising and retaining talent
Recruitment strategies should respond to improving employment rates by providing longer-term solutions. Recruitment is not about filling up teams to make up numbers, it is instrumental in enabling businesses to perform more effectively and grow.

Eliminating unnecessary tasks
Partnering with a dedicated outsourcer such as an RPO specialist who is knowledgeable, skilled and on board with the business’s specific aims can free up executives to focus on strategic growth.

Appealing to everyone
As the workforce continues to swell, recruitment professionals need to ensure their talent strategies suit the diverse needs of a large workforce and support talent diversity in their organisations.


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