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As a human resources and talent acquisition leader, you’re always balancing the business of people and, well, business. Last year presented countless challenges – but you stepped up to keep your employees safe and organizations running smoothly. Turns out, life in general is quite “exciting,” so we’re reminding you that no matter what’s thrown at you, you’ve got this.

Our new web series – Fist Bump 👊 High Five 🖐 YEAH! 🤘 – is part support group, part pep rally. Host Tom Thakkar is here to psych you up because let’s be real, nobody’s better at keeping businesses and people on speaking terms than HR leaders.


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Episode 1

PSA: Zoom fatigue is a thing. As HR leaders worked through the cluster courtesy of COVID-19, video calls with questionable attire (pants still required) became the norm and somehow HR pulled it alllllllllll together. Let’s do a recap of some of those oh-so-fun WFH moments.



The Virtual People Business

Episode 2

Honestly, figuring out how to virtually manage people in a fragile emotional state was tough. From people playing video games during meetings and practically begging employees to use their hard-earned PTO, take in a short-list of the best (worst?) adventures that remote workforces have brought us.




Back to (the new) Normal

Episode 3

Can anyone see some light at the end of this long, dark, winding tunnel? Get some unsolicited advice (wasn't it all?) about how to lead through whatever this new way of working will be.

Ok, that was fun. Now what?

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