Business expansion brings a host of challenges and opportunities.

When you are breaking into a new market, it is not just consumers you need to win over, it is future employees too. There can be distinct differences to navigate, in terms of language, cultural references, the brand landscape, remuneration expectations, working legislation… and of course there is the fact that you have no track record in the country and people may or may not know your business.

As part of a global business, we have worked with several major organizations to help them anticipate, plan, prepare and launch themselves in new markets – and we have been successful in helping them attract the right candidates who have gone on to help them do great things. By blending local knowledge with research and applying a healthy dose of brand know-how and strategic and creative expertise, we can help you succeed in new geographies too.

How do you launch a European retailer in the U.S. – for the first time – when you are up against established U.S. competitors?

From a brand perspective, we knew Primark had a huge consumer following and it was important to leverage this when positioning them as a new employer offering opportunities in the U.S. We worked in partnership with their internal HR, talent, marketing and PR teams to leverage the existing consumer brand assets and convert these into compelling print and digital media, along with newly crafted employer messaging and inspiring facts about the exciting new store location. To bring the spirit of Primark to life, we filmed an award-winning "day in the life" video and conducted a photo shoot at one of their flagship stores in Europe, which captured their values and the sense of being part of a fun and dynamic fashion family. This was one of the key talent attraction assets.

The new approach helped successfully launch Primark’s first store in the U.S. and we continue to work with them as they expand their footprint in this new geography.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital and Campaign Design, Video Production, Photography.

Primark Attraction Campaign Imagery