A strong online presence and stacks of content to share will help you tell your story to Nurses and Clinical staff in a tough talent market.

Creating a presence on social media requires creativity, consistency and above all, content. Real storytelling of day-to-day life direct from your employees will capture the attention of a candidate pool relying on word of mouth and dated information to form their opinion. By building an audience of followers on social media, and sharing relevant and compelling content on a regular basis, you can boost advocacy among current and potential employees.

How to boost your position as an employer in a local area where layoffs and salary freezes have tarnished your reputation? What is more, how to showcase the area itself – in this case Albany, GA – as a great place to live and work?

Leverage social media to shout from the rooftops about the stories of employees who love working for you and truly live the experience of being part of the Phoebe family. We wholly built and managed the social profiles for Phoebe on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as successfully piloting and growing Pinterest and Instagram as new channels to market. An energized network of employee and stakeholder advocates contribute and amplify content to bring real stories about Phoebe to life. Whether from Marketing, HR, University Relations, Employee Relations or Clinical Leaders, contributions ensure the message focuses on the unique selling points of being part of the organization.

Huge increase in employee engagement along with a previously unachievable penetration of passive or niche candidate pools. A staggering 181% increase in page growth on Facebook in the first year. Advocacy and support from senior leaders for use of social media as a key channel to market.

Social Media, Brand Strategy, Digital.

Phoebe Putney's social media campaign assets