Smart re-purposing of content and "quick win" employee engagement gets great results.

At the simplest level, employer branding relies on great storytelling. Your careers pages need to inspire potential candidates about the journey they could be joining and all of the great experiences and benefits they could enjoy as an employee. Often, this story is hidden rather than jumping off the page. All it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to provide an objective perspective and sharpen up your story so that it communicates with impact.

By auditing existing content and interviewing key stakeholders, we are able to help clients quickly define their story, which we convert into succinct and compelling copy and content. This new messaging framework can then be applied across all key channels, amplifying your employer brand and helping you attract and inspire great candidates.

How do you increase the impact of your employer brand and talent marketing, quickly and without breaking the bank?

Having conducted an audit of online content, we formed a series of “quick win” recommendations for MetaPack. By partnering with internal stakeholders in HR and marketing, we were able to work together to implement these over a few weeks. This included: running an internal survey to secure employee’s feedback and quotes on what makes MetaPack a great place to work, re-writing the story to make it more compelling, prioritizing key messages and making best use of existing content. We then built a careers microsite, which integrates seamlessly with the core site, to showcase the new content and applied the key messages to recruitment marketing adverts and e-shots.

The new approach helped successfully launch a new recruitment drive, providing a compelling and engaging experience for candidates online that aligned with the job application process.

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