There is a clear link between diversity and business performance – that is your business case.

Fresh ideas, new perspectives, proven knowledge and “out of the box” thinking – we all want these things for our business. The most entrepreneurial businesses seek out individuals from varied backgrounds who can challenge the status quo and help create a more holistic view of the world. These are the people that can give us the edge.

By helping stakeholders articulate the benefits of a more diverse workforce, we are able to raise awareness. Beyond this, we work to express the appeal of workplaces to a wider range of talent, helping to secure the vital and differentiated thinking and knowledge that gives businesses an advantage.

How do you help government partner with businesses to educate, inform and support their journey to increase diversity in their markets, supply chains and organization?

By helping the Mayor’s Office articulate how it can support businesses to improve performance through greater diversity. Our strategic consultancy drove the proposition development, and we then developed the name and brand architecture with senior stakeholder engagement. We led the design stage into logo and visual identity guidelines.

Increased awareness and positive sentiment, brand engagement and performance.

Insight, Naming Convention and Logo Design.

Mayor of London diversity campaign assets