Ensure employer branding and employee communication is an integral part of the transition roadmap.

Mergers and acquisitions herald change, uncertainty and potential. All employers want to capitalize on the potential, but unless they engage their workforce successfully, they will lose some of their key talent. High-performing candidates will not sit around waiting for the future to reveal itself: they will make it happen elsewhere.

By consulting with businesses in the early stages of the decision-making process, we ensure that employer branding and communication is an integral part of the transition roadmap. The result is that the workforce can rally around the potential of the transaction and the new business can hit the ground running.

Following an acquisition, what is the best way to align a new organization and its people to the employer brand?

By working in partnership with the organization during a transition period, we developed an employer brand that helped connect the people to the business and brand strategy. This focused on emerging markets, especially Russia, Latin America, India and China. Through a period of consultation, research, creative development and implementation, the brand was refined and articulated for the new businesses and brought to life through an employer brand guide.

Increased awareness and positive sentiment, employee engagement and performance.

Insight, Brand Consulting and Creative Development.

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