A strong employer brand framework will flex to incorporate all your audience groups.

It is a universal issue: how can you achieve employer brand consistency across varied regions and functions without diluting your core messaging or alienating elements of the workforce?

The answer lies in involving your employees and helping them express the core values and attributes of your brand in authentic and locally relevant ways. We help clients provide fun and compelling ways to engage their people, and we support businesses in achieving the 80/20 principle of an EVP: 80% global consistency and 20% tailoring to a given audience. The result is a brand that is consistent, relevant and compelling.

How do you engage all levels of the organization with values and the EVP when they operate in different countries and languages, not to mentioned vastly different white and blue collar functions?

By developing an engagement process that is targeted, localized and blends “push and pull” tactics that are most relevant to the audience. Stage one for AB InBev was to involve staff in a series of fun photo shoots that allowed them to express how their day-to-day behaviors linked to the brand principles and business objectives at key breweries. Portraits, large format installations and other, more detailed pieces of communication on-site were executed in French and Flemish.

Increased awareness and employee engagement.

Internal Communications, Creative Development and Print Management.

AB InBev Employee Value Proposition campaign assets