Smart use of social media and optimized owned, earned and paid media will multiply your attraction power.

Social channels are now a vital part of the marketing mix for all businesses and this applies to recruitment marketing and talent attraction too.

We conduct digital audits of our clients’ online presence to determine how they can best optimize their content and channels to compete effectively against the competition. Through strategic positioning, the creation of engaging content and regularly refreshed sites, we ensure that social delivers a great ROI.

How do you leverage social media to improve recruitment and brand opportunities?

By closing old accounts and implementing a new social strategy across key platforms, we were able to create a managed social media service that drives awareness and builds communities of talent that feed recruitment. Content marketing strategies blend business, product brand, talent messages and employee stories, which improve engagement with the employer brand and broaden AB InBev’s reach into the talent market.

From September 2014 – March 2015, we received over 8,000 applications driven from brand activation – an increase of over 1,000% on the previous year. The brand activation across multiple channels generated over 50,000 visits to the new online portal, an increase of 500%. 41% of those site visits were driven from Social Media.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital and Campaign Design, Social Media Managed Service, Content Creation and Curation.

AB InBev - how do you amplify your employer brand?