There are many advantages to a single careers site, as long as you offer local flexibility.

The career site is one of the first places candidates will go to in order to check out your offer or conduct due diligence on your business. Unfortunately, for many candidates, the information is too generic to help them make an informed decision. And in some instances – it is not even in their language.

We help businesses build relevant digital infrastructures and governance models that enable them to run localized sites aligned to global messaging, which deliver a great candidate experience. Everyone wins.

How do you bring consistency to the online presence of 11 countries but maintain local relevance?

By creating one European job portal, we were able to consolidate the careers sites of 11 European countries in 5 languages. The site structure provides shared pages for consistent material and individual microsite areas for the different countries, which create a rich experience for visitors and give country page owners the opportunity to tailor their positioning and content to the local market.

From September 2014 – March 2015 we received over 8,000 applications driven from brand activation – which was more than a 1,000% increase on the previous year. The brand activation across multiple channels generated over 50,000 visits to the new online portal, an increase of 500%.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital Design and Build, Content Creation and Curation.

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