HR & TA leaders in APAC – and around the globe – are feeling the strain of a tight talent market. With more competition than ever, finding the best people requires greater attention to strategy and a strong brand identity.

Kumar Bhaya, Vice President – Client Solutions, APAC, shared his tips on how to embrace the new paradigm and triumph in the race for talent on a recent webinar for The Conference Board.

From the webinar: 

“Ensure talent acquisition/talent management has a seat at the table. They’re not just there to execute the strategy but they’re there to really design the strategy along with the other business leaders. At the end of the day, for example, if you want to develop a location strategy – you can’t do that in a vacuum. You’ve got to understand what the talent landscape looks like, what the demand and supply is, and for that, talent acquisition becomes very, very strategic.

Reputation is key, and it comes back to employer branding, as well. An EVP has to be fit for purpose and based on reputation – a great message will do little if your company doesn’t carry through on its promise. Culture and values need to be looked at first so that it’s really an external expression of the internal reality. We’ve got to be able to walk the talk.”

Watch or listen to “The War for Talent in Asia” webinar, featuring insights from a new report.