The new generation of artificial intelligence is transforming recruitment. And this technology set to become even more prevalent in the near future.

In a recent contribution to Recruiting Daily, Chief Product Officer Matt Jones explores the state of AI in recruitment – its risks, challenges and opportunities for recruiters, employers and candidates alike – to prepare talent acquisition leaders for what’s ahead.

From the article:

AI can play a valuable role in speeding up the recruitment process, creating a better candidate and client experience and processing data more efficiently, among a range of other tasks.

However, it must be used carefully and intentionally. Job seeking is a deeply personal and emotional experience, and human recruiters will always have a job-crafting experience for candidates. The best recruiters, therefore, will be those that combine the right amount of technology with a human touch.

Finally, there is no substitute for human interaction. Some people feel alienated when they can only communicate with a machine and may be deterred if there isn’t a person they can reach out to. There are also interviews, which are also uniquely human – only a person can make a one-to-one connection with a candidate and assess their suitability for a role.

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