Frenzied hiring activity stemming from the pandemic created a supercharged atmosphere for recruiters and unprecedented growth for talent companies. But that demand has since decreased. To thrive in the new landscape, recruitment organisations need to reevaluate goals and priorities.

In her contribution to The Global Recruiter “Moving On Up” panel, Chief Financial Officer Leslie Stroope discusses the relative business outlook of today.

From the article:

Stroope added that making these kind of decisions can be harder to do at the moment since recovery and the market in general are hard to forecast. That in turn makes it difficult to assess how much investment a business should make and even what level of fixed costs are acceptable moving forward. Decisions on these issues are further complicated for recruitment companies split over different regions. The performance of the same market in one country can be different to that in another. Financial costs, interest rates and more can impact differently on these businesses from region to region, compounding the challenge. The business may not want to invest in the same way in every location, but making that call, achieving the right balance and preserving the company’s brand can all be a challenge.

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