AI brings many exciting capabilities to recruitment – but human cognition is still critical. With an increasingly large number of global companies adopting new technologies into their recruitment processes, it’s important to understand how to prevent bias in hiring.

In an article for Chief of Staff Asia, Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer, highlights why recruiters should consistently explore the intricacies between technology and human thinking to ensure fair decision-making in HR practices.

From the article:

The growing impact of technology on businesses and employees, especially in areas like generative AI, often overlooks critical discussions on ethics and fairness, including within HR and talent acquisition. Despite 81% of HR leaders implementing AI solutions to enhance efficiency, the reliability of these technologies in ensuring fairness and equity remains a concern. AI systems inevitably inherit biases from programming, and they may perpetuate past discriminatory hiring practices. Moreover, AI often struggles with language variations and societal biases, potentially disadvantaging diverse candidates.

To mitigate bias, recruiters must audit AI algorithms, ensuring diverse representation in data and incorporating transparency through explainable AI tools. Balancing AI with human judgment is essential to maintaining empathy and inclusivity. Ethical AI can help eliminate unconscious biases and offer value to both job seekers and employers. As AI continues to play a prominent role in HR, ongoing scrutiny of its interaction with human cognition is vital to creating fair and inclusive hiring practices and promoting diversity in the workforce.

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