Employees and managers alike feel being overworked and under-supported on the job has a negative impact on engagement and morale. Data from a new survey by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) illustrates the breadth of the problem among UK employees. Among the findings:

  • 30% of workers say their workload is too much
  • 25% of workers feel their job negatively affects their mental health
  • 37% of workers in low-skilled jobs say they have not received any training over the past year

Cielo’s Sally Hunter, Senior Vice President, has written an article for TrainingZone in which she shares how businesses can use strategic workforce planning (SWP) to fight this problem now and in the future.

From the article:

HR professionals can use SWP to create opportunities and identify areas where training may be necessary to bridge the gap between an employee’s current skill level and the skill level that they need to be at to support future business goals.

This is crucial for industries such as manufacturing because of the growing impacts of technology, as it can help support a ‘build versus buy’ approach for these new skill requirements.

This lack of opportunity to develop can leave workers stuck and unable to progress their careers. With SWP, organisations will be better able to pinpoint key development areas and look to create career paths for existing staff to grow into new roles, which will give them that clarity.

Visit TrainingZone to read the full article, “How to Create a Strategic Workforce Plan that Can Improve Job Quality.”