Tanya Derrick, Vice President of Client Services at Cielo, spoke to Life Science Leader about her five tips for life sciences businesses competing for top talent.

“The current acute skills shortage experienced by the life sciences industry is likely to increase in coming years…Companies need to adapt and improve their talent acquisition strategy to succeed, both now and in the future.”

To succeed in today’s market, Tanya highlighted the importance of behavioural change, both in terms of top-down and bottom-up education through the business. “Top-down education includes sharing macro trends with board members and talent acquisition leaders so that they know what major shifts will direct the company and the life science ecosystem in the long term."

“Bottom-up communication of talent acquisition’s value is vital, so that the whole process operates and produces job offers to the right individuals more efficiently at every level. As there will be fewer strong candidates for every role everybody should understand that they don’t have the luxury of time waiting for five suitable applicants anymore.”

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