Andy Curlewis, Managing Director, Brand and Digital- Cielo, spoke to People Matters Global on the key tips companies need for their own branding today in order to retain and attract talent.   

“This can be done by investing in your reputation with comprehensive social media management, employee advocacy, as well as working hand in glove with the external and internal communications team to ensure that the most important part of any company, its talent, is at the top of the PR agenda.” 

On critical components of a company’s employer brand, Andy shared, “Accurate interpretation of the company culture and values. If you have a toxic culture, fix it. Don’t try and paint over it as it will cost you dearly in the long run (cost of new hire vs retaining talent). Second, authentic storytelling. Your employees telling your story rather than a corporate narrative can give a much more authentic lens on what it's actually like to work for your company.  

“Lastly, the candidate experience (your tech platform). At the base of everything is how you enable talent to engage with you, and most importantly, how easy you make it to engage with your brand, apply for opportunities and stay engaged during the onboarding process.” 

The full article can be read at People Matters Global.