Sharp skills and attention to detail are two of the most sought-after traits in the workforce. And for businesses looking to remedy ongoing talent shortages, neurodiverse candidates may be just the solution.

In Yahoo Finance, Marita Hazeldene, Vice President – Client Services, shares how neurodiverse candidates can positively impact team success and how companies can attract them.

From the article:

“Because neurodivergent people are wired differently from their neurotypical colleagues, they can often bring new perspectives,” says Hazeldene.

“Many also excel in specific fields, bringing exceptional creativity, lateral thinking, and other skills to an organisation.”

Research by Deloitte suggests that teams with neurodivergent professionals in some roles can be 30% more productive than those without them. Inclusion and integration of neurodivergent professionals can also boost team morale.

Despite this, Hazeldene adds the neurodiverse population remains a largely untapped talent pool. Some estimates put the unemployment rate among neurodivergent people as high as 80% — a particularly jarring figure considering the skills shortages affecting technology and other industries.

“Even when highly capable neurodiverse people are working, they are often underemployed,” says Hazeldene. “Businesses will have a major competitive advantage if they can accommodate an individual's needs.”

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