Today’s workforce goes far beyond full-time employees. Organizations also rely on part-timers, contractors, gig workers and others to meet the demands of customers and clients.

Cielo’s Andy Curlewis, Senior Vice President of Brand – Communication, and Emma Hydes, Vice President of Client Development, spoke about the changing workforce in the latest episode of The Flexible Movement podcast. Among the topics they addressed include how there are still many organizations reluctant to change with the times, and how it is vital to provide great employee engagement and candidate experience for everyone in the organization, not just full-time employees.

From the podcast:

Andy: “We humans are kind of funny creatures. The organizational constructs that we create for ourselves in this modern-day work world are weird as well. This traditional command and control structure of companies, whether that’s public sector or private sector, over the last 20, 30, 40 years, all the way back to the Industrial Revolution – fundamentally that’s what transforms the way we produce – even centuries ago. It’s kind of weird that even today, in the 21st century, many of our organizations are still constructed in that way. You have a CxO who commands, you have a control structure that filters its way down. You have departments and geographies and silos, which have been carefully crafted and created over a very long period of time, and yet at the same time you’ve got these big macro trends around it – digitization, transparency, democratization of content and projects – and so it’s almost like this little insular island with these waves [of change] crashing around it.”

Emma: “Often when you look at those customer experiences, and you look at the process, it’s designed for a single experience, when in actual fact, the value for each customer is different, because of how they seek that value. There needs to be that fluidity in that structure to allow for the personalization of that experience. And I think that’s an interesting perspective when we start to consider the big strategy of how organizations are constructed, all the way down to the hiring manager. … We see that same repeat process at that hiring manager level from, ‘I previously hired someone on this contractor engagement, and we’re going to replace that person with the same role, with the same job description, all of those things without actually considering what’s the value for my department, what’s the value for my department, and what is it we need to deliver.”

Like host Pauline Yau says, the episode is “a bit longer than usual, but it’s a good’un.” Visit The Flexible Movement to listen to “Cielo; engaging everyone in your organization.”