Two Cielo experts – Anne Bucher, Global Client Experience & Technology, and Adam Godson, VP of Global Technology Solutions – recently joined Talent Board’s Kevin W. Grossman for episodes of The CandEs Shop Talk Podcast.

Hosted by Grossman, the episodes feature in-depth conversations that explore relevant topics in talent acquisition and recruiting. They are tied into Talent Board’s Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, an annual competition that recognizes industry leaders in candidate experience.

In separate episodes, Grossman spoke with Bucher about issues regarding candidate experience, and with Godson about technology, specifically artificial intelligence and automation.

Excerpts from the podcasts:

Bucher: “We really look at the right process for our candidates being a balance between high-touch and high-tech – this means meeting the candidate where they are, and how they would like. For our clients, we have to offer multiple ways to connect. We have to be faster to adapt to the changing needs of our candidates. We need to be able to reach them quickly, and make it effortless and frictionless for them to let us know they’re interested. … From the time a candidate or an applicant becomes aware of an organization that we work with, we need to make sure that every touchpoint is either tech-enabled where they don’t need the high-touch, or that they can reach a person and have that high-touch where it matters, because we’re competing for that same talent all over the place.”

Godson: “The mistake I see some folks making is asking, ‘How can I use AI in my recruiting process?’ That’s not the right question. The right question is, ‘How do I get stuff done?’ ‘These are the things I need to get done. How can AI or automation or any other piece of technology or a great process really help me do that?’

"There’s also some danger for us as a business of overautomation. … We had at times overautomated and built forms that were based on a dataflow, diagram, not a candidate or customer experience. We have to really approach that from the right lens. At Cielo, we use design thinking from a framework perspective to think about those stakeholder experiences deeply. And we design around experiences – not dataflows – to think about how we can get that right.”

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