With the dramatic shift to remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations around the world quickly accelerated their use of virtual solutions and new ways of working. To better understand the long-term implications, we gathered feedback via a survey of global HR, talent acquisition, and business leaders across multiple industries. The results of the survey highlight the most significant changes to business and some of the positive outcomes that will impact the world of work and recruiting. Here are a few notable datapoints from the responses:

  • 59% of respondents think that technology and remote working will lead to more streamlined and effective recruitment
  • 94% expect remote working to become a key feature of workforces moving forward
  • 69% believe that TA dependence on advanced technology will remain even after it’s no longer necessary

Several publications recently featured the survey results, discussing how the shift to virtual solutions and increased reliance on technology will impact – and improve – recruiting in the years to come.

From The Global Recruiter:

“Respondents indicated that an increased focus on virtual recruitment processes have been successful with many tactics set to stay post-crisis. The majority (82%) of hiring managers will continue interviewing candidates by video, with 41% happy to onboard starters virtually and 32% confident in making offers without first meeting face to face. The success of remote working has opened up previously unavailable talent pools to TA teams with 64% of hiring managers now more willing to consider remote workers.”

Visit The Global Recruiter to read the entire story, “Virtual pandemic recruitment tactics will remain”

From Talint International:

“The survey found that 59% have interviewed candidates over video, 65% have extended offers without meeting the candidate in person, and 67% are virtual onboarding new starters. Respondents also think that the reliance on technology is here to stay, with 66% saying that TA dependence on advanced tech will remain, even when no longer necessary. Only 3% thought an increased reliance on tech was a bad thing, with 7% thinking it would make onboarding harder.”

Visit Talint International for the full story, “59% expect tech and remote working to lead to more effective recruitment”

From OnRec:

“Respondents felt that the combined impact of increased technology and remote working will result in quicker and more streamlined, effective recruitment (59%) and cost effective (60%) processes. However, 21% worried that drop off rates would increase at the earlier stages of hiring and 62% believed companies would need to work harder to stand out amongst the competition.”

Visit OnRec to view the full story, “Virtual pandemic recruitment tactics will remain post-COVID”


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