Recruiting high-quality candidates: it requires planning and a people-centric focus. And in 2023, continued labor market challenges mean job seekers are searching for a streamlined, inclusive hiring experience. To create a consumer-grade process, companies must enable a mobile-compatible application that’ll allow for fast connections between recruiters and candidates.

Managing Director Cassie Pike shares what TA trends to anticipate in the new year and how to work around the associated challenges – even in a heavy hiring environment in the latest episode of the High Volume Hiring podcast.

From the podcast: 

One of the biggest things that stands out for me from the last year or two is that what employees want from their employers and what they’re willing to sacrifice personally for work has changed and it’s changed for good.

Gone are the days where somebody blindly accepts a job and hopes the company’s going to work out. Candidates today have done so much research before they even apply for your job. They know exactly where you stand on [accountability & social progress] anyway. And so, companies that are willing to put it out there, be bold in the statement about where they are – even bolder in what they’re aspiring to do. And that progress is really resonating with candidates.

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