The tech industry is undergoing seismic changes, with technological advancements, market conditions, and other factors all playing a role. The impacts have been extensive – directly effecting recruitment and talent acquisition. Given certain economic and financial pressures that have caused tech employers to take reactionary action in recent months, businesses need to pivot to a more proactive approach to recruitment.

In her latest contribution to Business Leader, Sally Hunter, Executive Vice President – Commercial Markets, discusses how businesses in the tech sector can best take a step back and reassess their hiring needs for long-term success. 

From the article:

“Now is the time to assess intern, apprenticeship and graduate strategies in order to come out strong. The challenges posed by the scarcity of experienced hires persist, despite the absence of high demand for hiring. 

“The pursuit of innovation means employees need to possess learning agility and behavioural ease in embracing tasks that are still in the process of being invented. 

“Whilst the market was indeed buoyant initially in 2021 and early 2022, that buoyancy has since reversed and we're now seeing a significant number of layoffs - both for in-house recruiters and tech employees overall." 

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