Find out the best practice tips for recruiting into a pharma business in today’s market with Tanya Derrick, Vice President of Client Services when she spoke to Pharmaceutical Executive.

From the article: 

“Pharma employers can gain competitive advantage by attracting and securing the services of top talent, ever more aware of its marketability in a candidate-led recruitment ecosystem.” 

Tanya outlines that “Companies urgently need to revise and improve their recruitment strategies to prosper, both now and in the future. Many could be doing much more to tackle the problem.” 

She also singled out the importance of pharma businesses leveraging their heightened purpose since the pandemic. “While pharma’s importance was underlined during the pandemic, the sector is still attracting roughly 20% fewer job applications than it did pre-COVID-19. Reasons include people evaluating their lives and pursuing self-employment, travel, and better work/life balance. Many are opting for earlier retirements than planned before the pandemic. 

“Pharma companies must tap into early talent more…Again, employer brand and digital reputation audits are vital, as well as competitor analysis. Promote your company’s purpose tirelessly - internally and externally. A recruitment process outsourcer (RPO) may be useful for objective guidance and positioning on reputation. They can also examine, provide feedback on, and reimagine the candidate experience.” 

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