Candidates have options in the job market today – lots of them. And with multiple opportunities at their fingertips, job seekers are now choosier with the offers they accept. Greater flexibility, diversity, and work-life balance are all large pieces of the selection process puzzle for candidates, among others. How can you best position your company and continue to win top talent, even in times of economic turmoil? Greg Summers, Cielo’s Chief Customer Officer, recently shared his insights on how companies can push through adversity and secure star candidates in an article for HRO Today.

From the article:

“Many organizations are using their employer brand to speak to their focus on diversity, equity and inclusion; flexibility, well-being, and ESG – areas candidates routinely rank important. A strong employer brand makes an organization stand out from the competition, attracts top candidates, and better leverages resources leading to a better business overall.”

Read the article, “Trend Watch: Talent Acquisition” in HRO Today’s RPO Trends report issue.