On September 19, Cielo hosted an event in Chicago that brought together global analysts, clients, and Cielo leaders to discuss the future of talent acquisition. NelsonHall analyst, Nikki Edwards, attended the event, and wrote a recap of it for the NelsonHall website. In her article, “Cielo: Reimagining & Redefining RPO,” she highlights Cielo’s approach to automating processes that add value to the client without compromising candidate experience, using design thinking as the framework for strategic workforce planning for clients, and more.

From the article:

Cielo aims to adopt a partnership approach with clients, taking them on a journey of improving both efficiency and effectiveness in their recruitment processes. Enhancements to the service have included SkyRecruit, reporting and analytics (SkyAnalytics), Employer Branding (EB), and most recently consultancy services in areas such as TA strategy, tech advisory, marketing, and diversity and inclusion. The shortage of talent in many skills areas has spurred Cielo to look at alternative sources of talent such as contingent workers and developing existing employees to plug supply gaps, taking more of a total talent acquisition (TTA) approach.

Cielo is now taking the partnership approach to the next level with its Client Success Program.  Using Cielo’s Talent Acquisition Maturity Model, clients are presented with a scorecard to determine their position on the RPO/Total Talent journey at various points through the relationship. Using design thinking, Cielo undertakes a more strategic workforce planning (SWP) approach to better plan its clients’ hiring needs to help them improve their talent acquisition maturity.

Read Nikki’s full recap on the NelsonHall website: Cielo: Reimagining & Redefining RPO