Vacancy rate. Voluntary terminations. Tenure. Those are just a few human resources metrics that people leaders rely on when assessing whether their HR strategies produce impactful results. With the job market more competitive than ever, organizations must analyze metrics to determine what is and is not working to attract and retain talent. Molly Thiel, Cielo’s Chief Human Resources Officer, recently shared her insights on the HR measurement she believes deserves the greatest focus in an article for TLNT. 

From the article: 

“There are many people analytics metrics that can prove useful if viewed the right way. Often, finding correlations between seemingly independent metrics can lead to much more action-oriented insights. One that I have found especially valuable is the correlation between having at least one formal, documented goal and voluntary terminations.  

We found that employees are 33% less likely to voluntarily leave for another opportunity if they have at least one documented, active goal. Although there may be various reasons for this connection, it is ultimately a clear, easy action to take that can increase the likelihood of retention during a time where leaders feel at the mercy of a candidate’s market.”

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