With many millions of manufacturing jobs predicted to go unfulfilled in the coming years, the industry needs to adapt to recruiting from the gig economy in order to thrive and attract the best talent for the work at hand.

Tanya Derrick, Cielo’s Vice President of Client Services, spoke to Industry Today on the benefits of leveraging the gig economy to manufacturing businesses and employees, as well as the challenges they might face and how best to overcome them.

From the article:

“A strategy that embraces the gig economy as a reliable source of talent adds lots of flexibility to your workforce approach. For example, being able to more rapidly adjust resourcing to incoming workload. On top of this, there’s always the possibility of permanent roles for standout candidates and workers.

“However, poorly leveraging the gig economy comes with its costs. Typical issues arise when the gig economy is not considered part of the overall workforce. So, organisations have to ensure equally consistent procedures are in place when recruiting them.”

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