Analysts forecast notable growth in the life sciences industry by 2028 – but in the dynamic APAC labor market, innovative hiring strategies are more important than ever. To attract and retain top talent, companies must identify ways to stand out from the competition.

Doug Terry, Vice President – Client Services, shares his expert insight on how life sciences leaders can secure the best candidates and increase resilience among employees in an article written for BioSpectrum Asia.

From the article:

Organizations adopting skills-based recruitment are witnessing better business results than those who continue hiring based on traditional qualifications and requirements. Life sciences companies are on the cusp of new talent acquisition strategy adoption — and lead in the shift to skills-based hiring.

Life sciences talent has always come at a premium, and the current market conditions make it even more important for employers to have an employee value proposition (EVP) that resonates with employees and candidates. Today, individuals pursuing careers in the field place greater importance on finding employers who are purpose-led and people-oriented.

Like other industries, life sciences has undergone an immense change over the last couple of years. Many employees are still keen to keep the work arrangement flexibility that they gained from 2020. Think about what your company can do to help employees become more resilient in an ever-changing environment.

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