Being successful and productive means being intentional with our time. The noise and busyness of everyday life make it challenging to focus on the tasks that are really important.

But accomplishing this can lead to us being the best versions of ourselves. In a new article, Inc. writer Christina DesMarais gathered advice from 15 C-Suite executives to find out what they do daily to get primed for success. Among those she spoke to was Cielo CEO and Founder Sue Marks, who championed looking to different industries to develop your own unique business concepts. Taking her own advice has helped Sue become a pioneer in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry. 

From the article:

"Look to different industries to develop your own unique business concepts. My most creative and successful ideas have been formulated by looking at best practices and successful innovations in industries that are totally unrelated to mine. When you're successful, it's easy to get complacent. And too often, looking only at your competitors will give you only incremental improvements and perpetuate 'good enough' results. By looking outward, you not only draw on your own ingenuity and motivation as a leader, but it also gives you the power to drive key innovations that have the potential to transform your business and leapfrog the competitors, whether they're traditional or non-traditional."

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