Chatbots are finding their way more and more into talent acquisition, with organizations realizing that many core aspects of the recruitment process – sourcing, assessments, scheduling interviews, pre-employment tests, etc. – can be automated. This improves everyone’s experience by freeing up recruiters’ time to focus on more essential tasks, and giving candidates more control and connectivity. It has been found, in fact, that many candidates would prefer to talk to chatbots in certain situations.

HRO Today extols the benefits of chatbots, speaking to several experts in talent acquisition, including Adam Godson, Cielo’s Vice President of Global Technology Solutions.

From the article:

“Many chatbots can integrate with ATS or CRM software in order to provide deeper information to candidates,” says Adam Godson, Cielo’s head of technology. For example, if candidates are looking to find the status of their applications or to reschedule an interview, a platform that is integrated would likely have access to the right data to answer those questions. … “Chatbots are very good at providing a user-friendly interface to answer questions that do not require judgment. for example, many career websites have an FAQ section or information about working at a company, but it's much better to be able to ask a chatbot a question than have to search for an answer that might be buried somewhere,” says Godson.

The entire story, “To Bot or Not to Bot,” appears in the March 2018 issue of HRO Today.

Cielo & chatbots: Through our SkyLabs innovation engine, Cielo continues to experiment with chatbots, machine learning matching, experiential applications and various types of artificial intelligence automation.