Technology has become more integrated into the recruitment and hiring process than ever before, and RPO providers are still wondering how far it can go. Will a 100% digital hiring model one day be a reality? In its latest issue, HRO Today magazine dives into the different types of tech that are having the biggest impact – artificial intelligence, cloud-based technologies, mobile technologies and talent community pools – and assesses what progress they have made and where they are headed.

Adam Godson, Cielo’s Vice President of Global Technology Solutions, is included among the industry experts who lend their knowledge and insights.

Excerpt from the article:

In the future, experts predict that AI’s capabilities 
will continue to expand, and as this happens, time
to hire and other important recruitment metrics will
 see improvements. Despite some concerns that AI will displace recruiting jobs, most talent acquisition (TA) professionals are confident that recruitment will always need a human touch. …

“Automation of administrative process steps as well
as marketing automation are certainly on the rise as the talent market tightens. A buyer could find some interesting partners in Beamery, Yello, Candidate.ID
and Phenom People,” says Adam Godson, Cielo’s vice president of global technology solutions. “AI generically has many applications, but candidate matching in the sourcing process is where it is having the greatest impact. Companies like HiringSolved, Entelo, Brilent and Vettd are all doing interesting things related to matching companies to candidates and vice versa.”…

“For mobile technologies such as the use of apps and chatbots, the conversation has changed from if or when it will happen, to how we can measure the results. Recent gains are more incremental, working along themes of personalization, integrated assessments, and automation to drive throughput in recruiting processes,” Godson says.

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