To land top talent in today’s record-low unemployment, candidate-driven job market, employers need to move beyond traditional recruiting. That means embracing the gig economy, in which more people are opting to work on a contingent or freelance basis instead of becoming a full-fledged employee. One way companies can do this is by implementing a total talent acquisition solution, which combines the capabilities of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and a managed service program (MSP) into a single, holistic strategy.

This is the focus of “Seeing 20/20,” a new article in HRO Today that highlights Cielo’s total talent partnership with Shawbrook Bank for its success in, among other areas, reducing agency costs and boosting employer brand.

Total talent “goes beyond simply making sure Shawbrook attracts the right talent that it needs to continue its growth,” Lee Shaw, Shawbrook Bank’s head of HR service delivery and change, tells HRO Today. “It has enabled the bank to become a true talent magnet.”

Shaw goes on to say the partnership with Cielo allows Shawbrook to control costs while delivering a consistently strong experience for hiring managers and candidates.

Seb O’Connell, Cielo’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director – Europe and APAC, addresses how to best evaluate whether total talent acquisition is the right solution, how to gain the support of senior leadership, and then ensuring a smooth transition once it is implemented.

“Gaining hiring manager buy-in to a single solution needs to be managed carefully as the concept of change or loss of control is extremely emotive,” O’Connell says. “Remember that the transition does not stop at the go-live date—this is an opportunity to develop a talent strategy road map fully aligned to business objectives.”

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