Adam GodsonA new article from HRO Today magazine, “Enterprising RPO,” examines five trends that are shaping how large organizations find and hire talent. Among the experts who chime in are Adam Godson, Vice President of Global Technology Solutions, who offers an assessment of the impact Google for Jobs is having on recruitment.

Excerpt from the article:

For well-established RPO providers, Google for Jobs should not cause a huge shift. “It’s bad news for a number of publishers, but since most RPO providers were working with most or all of the publishers anyway, it’s not a significant change,” says Cielo’s Vice President of Global Technology Solutions Adam Godson. “In essence, Google simply declared themselves the winner of the SEO game that Indeed was winning before.”

Godson does recommend that organizations ensure that their vacancies appear directly on Google for Jobs via SEO strategy. They should also continue to partner broadly with a variety of sources in order to stimulate web traffic and offline traffic from the right audiences and craft thoughtful job descriptions that resonate with applicants.

Later, Godson shares his expertise on the evolution of analytics and their importance to talent acquisition.

“The depth of the data has changed significantly as well where organizations can tell you, with a strong degree of accuracy, the clicks, applies, interviews and hires cut by media channel, job family, or many other ways. Understanding how to fill the top of the funnel has improved the efficiency for RPO teams,” Godson says.

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