While the approaching holidays usher in shopping season for consumers, it’s hiring season for major retail brands like Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon. And with analysts forecasting another busy shopping season on top of historically low unemployment, organizations will have to get creative with their recruitment efforts to secure the record amount of talent they need to deliver products and positive experiences to customers. For a recent article, “What to expect from the 2019 holiday hiring season,” HR Dive spoke with Greg Summers, Cielo’s EVP of High Volume RPO, about ways organizations can succeed in this challenging environment.

From the article:

Employers also are using new technologies and social media to attract and engage potential workers, including mobile tech. "Seasonal workers, particularly in the retail space, want a hiring experience that is like a brand’s consumer experience," Summers said; "Using technology that can help them streamline burdensome tasks like interview scheduling will be key to their success in filling open seasonal roles."

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