Discover how VR technology can help attract the best talent into your business when Luke Parry Director, Global Consulting, spoke to HR Grapevine. 

From the article: 

“Implicit biases – stereotypes we act on subconsciously – can have negative effects on recruitment simply because a human is assessing another human. Reducing implicit biases using VR can help boost DEI&B (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) in the workforce, which then can have positive impacts on business outcomes, not least by making your organisation seem more attractive to a diversity of cultures and working styles. 

The introduction of VR could facilitate a shift in recruitment to where an interviewer isn’t required at all – reducing all implicit bias from the equation.” 

Speaking on the challenges of implementing VR in the workplace, Parry added: “VR might work better for hiring some roles than others. I would argue that, for client-facing roles, which require a lot of in-person interaction, it would be important to have a face-to-face test as part of that interview process.  

“Using VR during recruitment can also benefit your employer brand. For example, showing applicants a virtual representation of your office space gives them a more interactive and personalised journey through your workplace. So, VR gives you the ability to showcase that, giving an edge against the competition.” 

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