Women in leadership have come a long way – from fighting for a seat to sitting at the C-suite table. With many challenges largely overcome thanks to previous generations, female leaders today face a different battle: balancing success in the workplace with the personal demands at home.

The first step toward change is to simply start the conversation – and keep it going. In an article for Forbes, CEO Marissa Geist shares how today’s generation of women can build a community of support and be the next trailblazers of the boardroom.

From the article: 

Women in business aren’t banging on the door to be let in anymore. There’s no need to redo the work of the past. Instead, we should focus on ensuring those coming up behind us don’t have to face the same exhausting juggle and impossible trade-offs we did.

Start the conversation – and don’t stop. Yes, it’s intensely personal, which is why these conversations haven’t made it to the top of our agendas. That in itself is holding back the creation of a new norm. Give yourself permission to not do it all and renegotiate the new norms.

Read the article, “Why The Fight For Today’s Women Leaders Is Balance, Not Access” in Forbes.