Three-quarters of HR leaders believe they’ll fall behind the competition if they don’t integrate artificial intelligence (AI) within the next two years, according to Gartner.

Since most enterprise tech systems now include an element of AI, HR leaders must develop a coherent strategy with stakeholder input – from the C-suite to front-line experts. For many HR teams, these AI implementations will be a first in their organization. So, where to start?

In his latest contribution to HR Executive, Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer, shares his view on when AI delivers the most value to people and organizations.

From the article:

“Jones says AI delivers the most value when organizations focus on the quality of the data that will feed their AI-enabled platforms.

For many HR practitioners, this responsibility will be shared with IT or other departments, but Jones advises CHROs to also integrate individuals with expertise in data and AI into their HR teams.

Jones believes HR teams can act as ‘shapers’ to ensure that AI becomes an integrated part of the workforce and contributes to business cases and impact factors like cost, efficiency, quality and human engagement. He says this functionality will embed the HR role as an ‘enabler rather than a blocker’ within the workforce.”

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