Gen X makes up 62% of the world’s business leaders. And this generation of “in-betweener leaders” may just be the ones who rewrite the rules of the boardroom, according to CEO Marissa Geist.

In a Forbes article, Geist – a Gen Xer herself – shares first-hand perspective on how this small but mighty generation is shaping the world of work. She also offers valuable tips for people entering leadership positions.

From the article:

In-betweeners put the dash in work-life balance. Gen-X is still working through that transition at home, with kids and parents – showing up at the school soccer field and the office. Despite growing up in a tech-enabled age of total availability, the instructions for our Blackberry didn’t include when not to use it. We learned, though, and now I believe it’s our time to teach.

We can set the tone by resisting those late-night and weekend emails. This is more than simple respect or modeling what a sustainable work-life balance looks like. An "always on" culture is stopping our next generation of leaders from growing in their careers and in life.

Now, as leaders, it’s up to us to redefine how work works, to not see the post-pandemic mantra of "build back better" default to "business as usual." It may turn out to be our greatest legacy.

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