The talent acquisition sector has always embraced new technology, but the emergence of advanced AI is fueling a new era of innovation. For many companies, AI has been an important recruitment tool for some time, but mainstream access to the tech has opened up new possibilities.

Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer, speaks to CEO Medium about how recruiters, businesses, and candidates will all benefit from AI and how companies can successfully integrate it into their operations.

From the article:

For many years, we’ve known that AI and tech would have a big impact on recruitment, and now we’re starting to see that accelerate significantly with the rise of generative AI. While it might seem a daunting prospect, the reality is that there will be many benefits if we proceed responsibly and ensure human involvement remains integral.

The focus will be on how AI can enhance our performance and experience across various roles and improve recruitment and employment procedures. However, for this vision to become reality, many factors need to be considered around the integration of AI.

The coming months and quarters will see AI play an increasingly valuable role in many areas of recruitment, from speeding up the recruitment process and creating a better candidate and client experience to processing data more efficiently and accurately.

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